Orson Scott Card’s summer reading list

I have read a few Orson Scott Card books and enjoyed them (Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, and the two that followed).  Anyway, for Mormon Times, he wrote a column with 3 summer reading recommendations for Mormons.  None look like page-turners, so I might wait until I get through Stephen King’s recommendations, but…

  • By the Hand of Mormon: The American Scripture That Launched a New World Religion, by Terryl L. Givens, is the single most effective defense and explanation of the Book of Mormon ever written. …
  • Somewhere along the way, Christianity got lost, and Richard R. Hopkins shows exactly when and where it happened in his vital book How Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God. …
  • Whether the Christianity that came to dominate the Roman Empire was authentic or not, the fact remains that it did, and Rodney Stark does an excellent job of charting the process in Cities of God: The Real Story of How Christianity Became and Urban Movement and Conquered Rome.”

“All three of these books prove that good writing can make deep and important information accessible to the general reader.

Reading any of these books is also likely to raise your standards of what to expect from scholars, both in the church and the outside world. Once you know what good scholarship looks like, it’s harder to get taken in by nonsense.”

1 thought on “Orson Scott Card’s summer reading list”

  1. I’m searching for a expert on Card’s stories who can tell me the name of a story about a future where cities were blocked so that the lowly masses could not enter, people were euthanized on their 60th birthday, there were only two classes in society, the rich, the poor. I found this quite interesing and would love to read it again, but cannot remember the title. Thank you for any help.

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