I’ve seen 160 movies this year. Here are the best (and the rest).

People have been dealing with the pandemic in lots of different ways. I deal with it by watching movies. Here are the best and the rest. To be clear up front, I like lots of movies and lots of different kinds of movies. Some I’ve watched on my own, some with my spouse, some with my kids. Some of these I’d never seen before (City of Joy); others I’ve seen twice (Parasite) or many times (Groundhog Day).

I’ve grouped the movies into batches, from those I adored to those (few) that were definitely not for me. Within batches, I haven’t ordered by preference but perhaps to highlight movies that you may not have encountered.

These are the movies I just adored…

City of Joy, to be clear, is the 2016 documentary that takes place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, not an earlier film of the same name.

Here are movies that I loved!

Here are the movies I really liked!

Here are the movies I also liked, just not quite as much.

I enjoyed these ones too!

Okay, these are movies I enjoyed some aspects of even if, on net, I didn’t think they were GREAT.

Okay, this next batch was a bit meh, but hey, they still distracted me from the pandemic! And they all had at least some entertaining element.

Okay, these last ones were really not for me.