PCHH – Poseurs, Plate-Spinners, And Six Bucks In Pennies – the links

In today’s lovely episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, the team discusses Appreciation Day some more.

Then they discuss Frank Bruni’s column on being on the outside of the Harry Potter craze and being a poseur, which reminds me of Pierre Bayard’s great book How to Talk about Books You Haven’t Read.

Thanks, guys!  See you next week!

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Super Happy Monkey Time – the links

I love NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, and I always wonder where I can find links to all the cool things they discuss.  So I decided to post them myself!

So for last Friday’s episode, Super Happy Monkey Time, here is what I’ve got:

  1. Stephen proposes Appreciation Day
  2. Right Place at the Right Time
  3. Wish You Were Here
  4. What’s Making You Happy?