PCHH – Poseurs, Plate-Spinners, And Six Bucks In Pennies – the links

In today’s lovely episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, the team discusses Appreciation Day some more.

Then they discuss Frank Bruni’s column on being on the outside of the Harry Potter craze and being a poseur, which reminds me of Pierre Bayard’s great book How to Talk about Books You Haven’t Read.

Thanks, guys!  See you next week!

4 thoughts on “PCHH – Poseurs, Plate-Spinners, And Six Bucks In Pennies – the links”

  1. Trey Graham- you had me at filthy. Linda Holmes- pchh has a staff? I’m curious (&serious, actually): doesthis mean that you all are funded or incorporated or elevated to some profitable status because if you’re making a living on this venture, I am extra happy for you! Glen Weldon, I’m not sure whiter this qualifies as poseurism, but I have taken Perverse- and conspicuous- pleasure in knowing next to nothing about Star Wars, the bible, and Harry Potter. As regards the bible, I believe this has always offered me a unique lens on many ways in which christianity pervades the US cultural mainstream. Re: Sw & hp, it infuriates my beloved nerds. I love that!:)

    1. Btw, I also don’t know how to use has tags and @ signs and really wish I did:(

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