Stephen King Summer Reading: book one is a hit!

A while ago I posted Stephen King’s summer reading recommendations.  Yesterday, as my flight touched down in Rio de Janeiro, I finished one of them: Dog On It, by Spencer Quinn.  It was awesome!

Bernie Little is a Private Investigator.  His dog, Chet, narrates the story.  This could be trite or lame, but it is simply awesome.  Chet will be in the middle of narrating action, dialogue between Bernie and a client, and – “I spotted a Cheeto under the bed.  Munch munch and it was gone.  Not bad at all, if you don’t mind a little dust, and I’m not fussy about things like that.  When I turned back to the room, Bernie was watching Keefer, a new look on his face.” 

What happened in the meantime?   I could have read this in one sitting.

Now I’m on to recommendation #2: Olen Steinhauer’s The Tourist.

ps I love this exchange between Bernie and a client.

Bernie: Where’d you hear that?

Client: I didn’t hear it.  I looked it up on the Internet.

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