book review: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by Agatha Christie

I have taken to reading very light fiction when I travel.  And I’m on an Agatha Christie jag right now.  This is her first published book ever!  My thoughts:

wonderful travel reading, a great start to an incredible career (for both Christie and Poirot)

It’s exciting to read the first published novel of the world’s best selling author of all time. After reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, I decided to read all of the Hercule Poirot mysteries, and this is a natural beginning. We meet the detective Poirot, a Belgian refugee in England, and his future traveling companion, Arthur Hastings.

The powerful matron of a wealthy family is poisoned in her sleep! Whodunnit?

I felt the book started a wee bit slow (as always with the first in a series, no?), but once the poisoning happened, it was difficult to put down. Perfect reading for a long flight to Brazil.

Highly recommended as travel reading (or whenever else you may need a diversion). For the rest of my trip, I’ve brought Murder on the Orient Express and Hallowe’en Party. Poirot to the rescue!

[Note on content: No objectionable content, unless you count poisoning an elderly woman or the general idea of murder as entertainment.]

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  1. Would you like to contribute your Agatha Christie reviews to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival? If you know others who are blogging Christie reviews I’d be glad to have them contribute too.
    I’ve linked my name to the blog, and you’ll see that the second carnival has just been posted.

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