squatting in Rio

I checked out of my hotel this morning but this afternoon found that my room key still worked and that no one had checked in.  So I used my laptop in the room for a while rather than in the lobby.  (I didn’t use any amenities, just sat and typed and called my wife on Skype.)

Then my nerves got the better of me and I retreated to the lobby.  But it was mildly exciting.

UPDATE:  Maybe it wasn’t just my nerves.  A colleague in the room next door was trying to reach me shortly after the events described above and knew I was squatting, so she went to my room and knocked boldly.  A naked (except for a towel) man who had clearly just woken up came to the door. 

I must have missed naked man by minutes. 

This is what I call living large (now that I’m not getting drugged and strangled).

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