I read 114 books in 2019. Here are the ones I loved and the ones I didn’t.

Over the course of 2019, I read or listened to 114 books. I adored some, loved many, liked many more, and there were only a few I was unexcited about. Here are the best and the rest.

Books I adored

Among my favorite books of the year are some novels (A General Theory of Oblivion, There There, Mockingbird), short stories (What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky), memoirs (The Lights of Pointe-Noire, The Girl who Smiled Beads, How Dare the Sun Rise), autobiography (Barracoon), poetry (The Sea-Migrations: Tahriib), and one graphic novel (Akissi: Tales of Mischief).

Books I loved

I loved a lot of books this year, so I’ll split these into categories.

Nonfiction I loved

Graphic novels and graphic memoirs that I loved

Fiction I loved

Books I really liked

Nonfiction I really liked

Graphic novels and graphic memoirs I really liked

Fiction I really liked

Poems and plays I really liked

Books that I liked (just, you know, not quite as much)

Books that often had a few ideas or images that really spoke to me but that otherwise I couldn’t really figure out. (No regrets!)

Which books did I get wrong? What were your favorites of the year?

3 thoughts on “I read 114 books in 2019. Here are the ones I loved and the ones I didn’t.”

  1. Happy New Year David. ( I hope I can still say that). These are great and diverse recommendations. I hope that I can finally read Convenience Store Woman this year because of rave reviews it has received since its publication almost two years now.
    I spotted Good Economics for Hard Times at one of my local bookshops in Nairobi…honestly, I am waiting for the paperback edition so that I can carry it around. Nonetheless, it seems like a promising read. What was your greatest takeaway from it?

    1. Hi Kerry! Thank you. I really appreciated how Banerjee and Duflo centered the discussion around human dignity, not *just* income.

  2. Ooh, I LOVED ‘Barracoon’ and ‘Home.’ Those were two of my favorite books I’ve read recently. FYI, you might want to make the pictures bigger or better yet, give them captions. I can’t read the title/author on a lot of them. Congrats on all that reading! 🙂

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