what i read and saw in June


19. Best of the month!!!  Storyteller: The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl, by Donald Sturrock.  I thought this biography was completely compelling and fascinating and fun.  Wonderfully well documented.  I wrote a longer review, which you can read here: my longer review.  9/10

18. A Savage Place, by Robert Parker (audiobook).  Spenser (#8) goes to L.A. to help a TV reporter bust a big story.

17. Promised Land, by Robert Parker (audiobook).  Spenser (#4) goes up against militant feminists and loan sharks.  (And we meet his long-term buddy Hawk.)

16. The Judas Goat, by Robert Parker (audiobook).  Spenser (#5) goes to Europe to track down terrorist assassins!


22. Beginners (theater) – Sweet movie about falling in love and the courage to start a new life, played out in two generations by Ewan McGregor and his father (in the film), Christopher Plummer.  It reminded me of when I fell in love, nine years ago.  8/10

21. Lost (Season 2) – Compulsive viewing.  Two groups of survivors meet up.

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