book review: Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan (narrated by Jesse Bernstein)

fun but unremarkable continuation of the adventures of Percy Jackson and company

Percy Jackson is attacked by monsters, goes on a quest with two friends, and meets a bunch of characters from Greek mythology.  And, if Percy didn’t have enough in common with Harry Potter already (see this comparison), in this book there is a dark lord who was destroyed many years previously but whose body is being reconstructed by his followers.  Hmmm…

I will grant that, while I found the book mildly entertaining but largely unremarkable, there were a couple of high points.  There is a battle scene with some party-hearty centaurs which filled me with – I cannot deny it – glee.  And the ending brings a clever surprise (which, upon reflection also has a parallel in Harry Potter, albeit a more subtle one).

Note:  The diction of the last line of the book was disappointing.  The kids in Riordan’s world don’t talk like that: the last three words should have been dropped.  But who’s nitpicking?

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