best on-line Portuguese language resources

I’ve been working in Portuguese a lot.  Here are some of my favorite language resources.  Please let me know if you know or use others:

Portuguese-English Dictionaries

  • Word Reference 🙂 – It doesn’t have everything as it’s still in beta form, but it has a lot.  For technical words, it even has some discussion forums if you scroll down.  Both Eng-Port and Port-Eng.
  • Collins on-line 🙂 – I find this is about as good as Word Reference.  Between the two of them, I’ve seldom been disappointed.
  • Google – 😐 – If you type a single word into the Google Translator, it gives you some options.  But it gives no examples, no explanations of which meaning is which, so it might be good for confirmation but not for me.
  • Wikcionário – Not great coverage, but it does a nice job of clarifying what is Portugal and what is Brazil

Portuguese-Portuguese Dictionaries


  • There are several, but Google Translator is the best according to a test I did [here].  Still needs lots of correction but saves time over original composition in Portuguese.

Verb conjugators

What are your favorite resources?

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