always carry earplugs when you go running in Brasilia

Given that Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and Friday night of this week would all be spent in airports, tonight I decided to go to a movie.  So I jogged over to a local mall and saw Divã, a Brazilian movie about a middle-aged woman who has a crisis and learns to sieze the day.  (Whoo-hoo.  Anyway, I’m happy to support local cinema.) 

There were three trailers, one American (Duplicity) and two Brazilian (Jean Charles [drama – I couldn’t figure it out trailer] and A Mulher Invisível [like Lars and the Real Girl except made as a crude comedy]).  After Divã, I slipped into Wolverine – which was dubbed – and Star Trek – which was subtitled.  I guess they subtitle the art films.  Popcorn prices were similar to the USA.

As I jogged home around 11pm, I heard really loud music and followed it until I came to a giant fairground featuring a Festival of the Northeast.  I bought some traditional literature [literatura de cordel] and then got to rock out for a couple of hours to Capitão Axé, a band from Bahia.  People from age 6 to 70+ totally grooving out.  Many in traditional costumes.

After that awesomeness, I take back everything I’ve said about Brasilia.

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