you haven’t seen this little romantic comedy gem but you’ll enjoy it

My wife and I recently rented I Could Never Be Your Woman, and I really liked it (so much that I’m writing a review of a movie in English, not my norm).  My thoughts:

I don’t know why this went straight to DVD, but I really enjoyed this silly little romantic comedy about a twentysomething television actor who falls in love with a fortysomething producer. Michelle Pfeiffer (the fortysomething), continues to look absolutely stunning at age 50 (in real life). Paul Rudd is very funny and has a dance routine that rivals Napoleon Dynamite‘s. As a conoisseur of Jon Lovitz, I know he is most hilarious in appropriate doses: this movie gets it just right! Fred Willard plays Michelle Pfeiffer’s boss who is obsessed with youth jargon; he isn’t at his A Mighty Wind (Wha’ happened?) best but still does nice work. And the icing on the cake is not one but two cameos from Henry Winkler, with one Fonzie “he-e-e-ey” and one shot of him reading Sartre. (I love Henry Winkler.)

I gave it an 8 / 10 (which equals great but not life changing); my wife gave it a 6 / 10 (fun but not exceptional). Content: PG-13 but I honestly can’t remember why. Surely some language, and it implies the existence of sex.

2 thoughts on “you haven’t seen this little romantic comedy gem but you’ll enjoy it”

    1. I really enjoyed it. My lady didn’t like the Tracy Ullman character (that’s what pulled the rating down). If you watch it, let me know what you think either way. Maybe I’m living in a Pfeiffer mist.

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