white people like hating corporations

One of the more popular white person activities of the past fifteen years is attempting to educate others on the evils of multi-national corporations. White people love nothing more than explaining to you how Wal*Mart, McDonalds, Microsoft, Halliburton are destroying the Earth’s culture and resources….When engaging in a conversation about corporate evils it is important to NEVER, EVER mention Apple Computers, Target or Ikea in the same breath as the companies mentioned earlier. White people prefer to hate corporations that don’t make stuff that they like.

from Stuff White People Like 

3 thoughts on “white people like hating corporations”

  1. I think Starbucks is an interesting example of a big corporation that people love and hate simultaneously (she writes before running an errand at Barnes and Noble!).

  2. Agreed! I think about Wal-Mart, which people hate but shop at anyway. I know that Wal-Mart has bad labor practices, but what I don’t know is whether they’re really worse than average or if they just get more attention because they’re big and it’s a good narrative: Big ugly giant exploits workers (which it does; I’m not disputing that in the case of Wal-Mart).

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