sad election news in Kenya

Together with the terrible news in Pakistan from last week, Kenya seems to have had lots of election fraud and violence in its presidential election last Thursday.  Here are a few bits from a BBC article:

On the violence:

Scores of people have been killed across Kenya in violence blamed on the disputed presidential election.

A BBC reporter has seen 43 bodies with gunshot wounds in a mortuary in the opposition stronghold of Kisumu. A witness said police shot protesters.

There have been running battles in Nairobi slums. The local KTN television station says 124 have died nationwide.

And the fraud:

European Union election observers have raised doubts about the officially announced results.

The government has banned live broadcasts linked to the election.

Chief EU election observer Alexander Graf Lambsdorff told the BBC that his monitors had been barred from counting centres in the Central Province.

He also said that results from one constituency had been declared by the Electoral Commission of Kenya in Nairobi, which were different from those announced in the same constituency at local level.

He said the anomalies amounted to 20,000-25,000 votes in just one constituency.

Mr Kibaki’s national margin of victory was 230,000 votes.

Sad days.

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