My books are bathed in blood and water. Because I love them.

I’ve been listening to the delightful podcast “Witch, Please,” in which two professors lovingly and critically dissect the Harry Potter books and films. In Episode 3 (The Chamber of Spoilers), Hannah McGregor treats us with this image of a true bibliophile:

I’m very hard on my books, and I really like reading in the bath. So most books that I have enjoyed in my life are in really bad condition. They also often have blood on them, ’cause I… Never mind.

I am reminded of Anne Fadiman’s wonderful essay “Never do that to a book,” in which she distinguishes between two types of bibliophiles — those who feel courtly love toward books, and those who feel carnal love. I think we know what kind of book-lover Professor McGregor is. Me too!

The image is from the Witch, Please podcast, which I strongly recommend. 

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