How to design conference name badges

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had to think about this. But I’ve been involved in enough conference organizing to wonder what’s best: the string or lanyard around your neck? the clip? the safety pin?

So I asked, and 51 people on Twitter answered.

how to design a conference name tag

So the lanyard or string takes the day. But Alix explained why this is particularly true for women.

If you have the kind of lanyard that swivels, it’s better to have the name printed on both sides.

What else? Alice and Emilia both suggested having the first name BIG with the last name and the institution small, so the emphasis is on the individuals rather than the hierarchy.

So in case you’re the kind of person who has to think about this, maybe this data will be sufficient for you never to have to think about it again.

Oh, and I did receive three alternative suggestions for alternative name tags, only at the most innovative conferences: neck tattoos, magnets, and piercings.

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