audio book review: The Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer

good ideas and a good feeling

In this unabridged audiobook, Joyce Meyer shares a series of ideas about how to win the battle to maintain good, positive thoughts. Meyer is a Christian, and the book is filled with biblical verses and their applications to this topic. The principal message of the first half of the book is to fill your mind and heart with the word of God from the scriptures as a tool to keep control of your mind. Meyer practices what she preachers here: I was impressed at the breadth of biblical scriptures she draws on.

The second half of the book is dedicated to what Meyer calls “wilderness mentalities.” She relates how the Israelites, led by Moses, could have arrived at the Promised Land in a matter of days, but their lack of faith kept them in the wilderness for 40 years. She then shares from the Old Testament a series of scriptures showing thought processes exhibited by the Israelites in the story and elucidates how they apply to us. It’s a nice metaphor and I found it useful. At one point, she shares how, when tempted to engage in some unconstructive thinking, she asked herself, “Joyce, do you really want to circle that mountain one more time?” alluding to the Israelites circling again and again during their wandering in the wilderness. I have found that question useful in my own efforts.

I didn’t love everything about the book. Meyer is not very friendly to the use of reason (seeing it as often an enemy to faith), I wouldn’t totally rely on every fact (for example, she says that most scholars believe Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon, which I believe is not true), and – like many self-help books – the book provides lots of good ideas but no systematic program for improvement. Still, the ideas are helpful, and I had a good feeling as I listened to the audiobook version of this. I recommend it.

Note on content: Nothing objectionable, unless you’re offended by excessive quoting of Bible verses.

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