what I read and saw in April 2011


13. *** Save the Child, by Robert Parker (audiobook) – The second Spenser novel, much better than the first (The Godwulf Manuscript). Suspense, excitement, romance.

12. Gems for the Young Folks: Fourth Book of the Faith-Promoting Series, by Benjamin Brown et al (published 1881) – This collection of stories is both historically fascinating and spiritually inspiring. I especially enjoyed the last portion of the book, called Testimonies for the Truth, by Benjamin Brown. Overall there are stories of emigrants across the U.S. plains, coming from the U.K., and much more. Highly recommended! As an example, here is one of my favorite stories. The whole book is available at Google Books for free, here.


Low movie month!

14. El romance de la esmeralda [Romancing the Stone, dubbed into Spanish] – Great action comedy, holds up pretty well. (Definitely a PG that would be PG-13 now, mostly for one scene.)

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