the case for fiction

I have often wondered about "the case" for spending my time reading fiction, feeling guilty for not reading more economics articles, I suppose. But Roald Dahl wonders why anyone would read anything else:

"Why on earth would anyone choose to read an assemblage of detail, a catalogue of facts, when there was so much good fiction around as an alternative? Invention, he declared, was always more interesting than reality." -in Storyteller, by Donald Sturrock, p6

3 thoughts on “the case for fiction”

  1. And what about ‘truth is stranger than fiction?’ I think fiction is often more honest than non-fiction, especially when people are writing their supposedly non-fictive thoughts on themselves and others in memoir form.

    1. This is a really nice point. I read quite a few memoirs and you see how insistent people feel about portraying themselves in particular ways, whereas fiction really tries to get in people’s heads and hearts. Good fiction, anyway. 🙂

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