wild adventures of a private medical care provider in Cambodia

Alaka Holla, an awesome researcher at the World Bank, talks about her experience observing an unregulated, private-sector doctor in Cambodia.

"Seven patients passed through in 15 minutes. First, a baby with diarrhea. The doctor’s wife jabbed the baby’s legs with two injections. A middle-aged man who complained of stomach and back pain was diagnosed by a few pokes in the belly with “intestinal inflammation.” He received a lecture about his diet and drinking habits, and eight different types of pills and three injections. For the third patient, diagnosed with hypertension, the doctor drew blood intraveneously and squirted in on to a glucose strip, and then the doctor’s son administered two injections. The fourth patient was an elderly woman lying patiently on a free bed. Before I knew it, she was hooked up to an IV. The fifth patient was another baby with diarrhea, who was already crying, probably because he knew what awaited him: an injection in each leg by the doctor’s wife. The sixth and seventh patients also each received injections."

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