(audio) book review: Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, read by Michael Kitchen

didn’t like it until the very end, which doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to recommend it

If I were to go back and read a Bronte book, I would read Jane Eyre.  For 85% of Wuthering Heights I thought, This is just a book full of miserable people.  I can’t sympathize with any of them.  I almost stopped listening (it was an audiobook) a few times.  But…

  1. It has a lovely ending.
  2. It has an interesting narrative structure: The whole story is narrated by Mr Lockwood, who observes very little of the action firsthand, instead hearing most of it from Nelly (the story within a story) who hears key parts of it from other minor characters (the story within a story within a story!).
  3. The best of the characters love to read.  How can I not sympathize, at least a little bit?

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