“how to switch bodies”?

I love that I’ve gotten 5 visits to my blog today from people putting “how to switch bodies” into a search engine.  Unfortunately, I suspect my post wouldn’t help them, unless they want to turn their own body into a coach potato body.

13 thoughts on ““how to switch bodies”?”

  1. that’s funny but kind of sad in a way. i picture someone putting on a bathing suit, catching a glimpse of himself/herself in the mirror, sighing, and sitting down at the computer to google ‘how to switch bodies.’

    1. It’s true. I realized that only later in the evening. When I first posted, I was imagining some sci-fi fan looking for internet info on how to switch bodies (think Uncle Rico and his time machine in Napolean Dynamite). Well, maybe they got some good ideas for silly viewing to take their mind off body issues.

      1. to swap bodies be 22 stone swap bodies work beterr when you are 22 stone

  2. It’s really quite simple to switch bodies. I’ve done it dozens of times myself and I’m happy to provide others with the formula. All you have to do is gather the proper alchemical ingredients and then perform the ritual at the proper time. The hardest part is waiting for a “Great Conjunction” of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Once you have that (I’ve found that midnight through roughly three a.m. Greenwich time works best), mix together your ingredients in a solution of equal parts salt water and grain alcohol. All you need to add is a tiny sliver from a painite gem (a brownish-red crystal similar to topaz), a small pinch of iridium dust (a silvery-white powder), a single petal from the “Casearia quinduensis” plant (you’ll recognize it by the bright yellow flowers) … oh and then you need just a hair or two from a couple animals: the Puerto Rican Flower Bat and the Yukon Wild Ass work best, so hopefully you can obtain these. Again, you don’t need more than a tiny bit of each of these ingredients. But I wouldn’t recommend making any substitutions. Now, at the height of the Great Conjunction, you and your target each drink precisely half the liquid (I recommend dividing these up into equal cups early). Because this is an ancient Catawba ritual, you need to speak the verbal components of the spell in Catawban. Just translate the following into Catawban (and do your best with pronunciation): “Come betwixt us, good body swap, my fits waint. Swits and spurs, twits and splurts, or I’ll cry a nitch! Nay, if our wits run the winding greasey cheese, I am done; for thou hast more of the wild noose in one of thy witches than, I am sure, I have in my holy five.” … There! That’s all there is too it. You’ll quickly change bodies with whomever you wish! I can vouch for this method myself, as I’ve tried it personally (with great success) dozens of times over the years.

  3. Mr. Bodyswapper is not switching bodies, he is ahallucinating. Iridium dust is a highly radioactive and psychoactive metal. IT is not good for you and has probably given this person multiple kinds of cancer. i do not advise it for anyone.

  4. Hello divya could you please tell me your spell o wish to switch bodies with soneone but they donot know i want to switch with them could you please help?

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