what i’m reading

  • Sopita de Fideo, by Cristina Pacheco – short stories about life for the poor in Mexico [audiobook]
  • Human Goodness, by Yi-Fu Tuan – meditations on what goodness really means; very insightful
  • Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey, by William Least Half-Moon – i’m not sure exactly what this is, but it has lots of Q words and is awesome [reading aloud with my lady]
  • History of the Church, by Joseph Smith (volume 1) – marvelous stories about a marvelous, difficult time
  • Conditional Cash Transfers: Reducing Present and Future Poverty, by Fiszbein et al – anti-poverty programs, and it’s actually readable
  • A more e a morte de Quincas Berro D’Agua, por Jorge Amado, a comic novel by the fabulous Brazilian writer [in my Portuguese class]

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