audiobook review: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney

This was AWESOME.

brilliant, fast paced 1950s science fiction thriller

Dr Miles Bennell, a general practitioner in a quiet California town, notices a strange psychological epidemic. People begin believing that their loved ones aren’t really their loved ones. And then he finds the seed pods…

This is a brilliant suspense thriller from the 1950s. I listened to the audiobook performed by Kristoffer Tabori, published by Blackstone Audio [and available here under the “Audio CD” edition]. Tabori was the perfect narrator: he really made the story come alive. I couldn’t put my mp3 player down! And to boot, Tabori’s father directed the original film and the audiobook includes an interesting interview at the end with Tabori about his father’s film.

I listened to this during a business trip to Brazil and it was perfect escape listening. Only at one point did the characters make a ludicrous decision (like when people split up in horror movies); incidentally that part was cut from the original movie. And in this “updated” version, the date of the action is moved to the 1970s, even though it seems little else is updated, including the gender roles which feel very 1950s. The ending was a little quick; I had to listen to it twice to catch all that happened, and even so I have a couple of questions. But if you can handle that, What a ride! I loved this and immediately sent off for the 1950s movie. Highly recommended: the funnest audiobook I’ve listened to in months!

Note on potentially objectionable content: a smattering of “light” profanity, 1950s gender roles, and it’s Very Scary.

1 thought on “audiobook review: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, by Jack Finney”

  1. I juts listened to this audio book as well. The reader did a great job, but the 1950s story and the why did they do that? moments kept overwhelming. Great stuff though.

    I did like the odd ending-could explain alot of stuff about California.

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