nicest compliment all week

Last night around midnight I checked out of my hotel in Dakar.  I’d spent a fair amount of time making calls from the concierge’s desk, coordinating various events.  As I was leaving, the concierge – named Ndiack – said, “Hey man, I like the way you move.”  I’ll take it!

I also managed to keep people laughing during my presentation on data collection.  Of course, an hour after the talk, one of the more experienced participants said, “Dave, I remember I had a great time during your talk, but I don’t remember what it was about.”  Maybe I should work with the Men in Black.

3 thoughts on “nicest compliment all week”

  1. I once had a student tell me after a lecture,”That was the best lecture I’ve ever heard. It was fascinating. I just know that I’m going to remember Machiavelli as long as I live.”

    The lecture was on Montaigne.

    1. hedgie, that is totally hilarious. i don’t feel so alone!

      calandria, you should have seen this guy! he had plenty of smooth moves of his own. i was deeply gratified.

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