what i’m reading

Over breakfast I read The Humboldt Current.  (Breakfast is my Read A Friend’s Book time, and there’s no better!)  On the bus I read The Book of Mormon.  Then, in my carpool on the second half of my commute, I puzzle my way through Le Petit Prince in French.  When I need a break during the day I read Cristina Garcia’s Handbook to Luck.  And I’m starting – for the ride home – a book of Brazilian short stories (collected for students) in Portuguese.

Trying to stave off dementia.

2 thoughts on “what i’m reading”

  1. I love, love, love Le Petit Prince, and it’s so much better in French than English! I’m afraid, though, that I’m heading quickly towards dementia. Or did I tell you that already?

    1. i think it’s better in french if you actually know french. that’s my challenge. and yet, there’s nothing like a sunset when you’re sad.

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