super grover as development metaphor

My favorite Sesame Street character while growing up was Super Grover, who my wife recently pointed out is quite an anti-hero.  Anyway, as I showed some clips to my son, I wondered if sometimes the international development community is like Super Grover: sideshow while people figure out their own solutions.  Could be worse!  (And might be.  And at other times, it’s probably better.)

In fact, I think this is a stretch, but (a) I wanted an excuse to post a video of Super Grover (who needs an excuse?) and (b) this did occur to me as I watched this.

2 thoughts on “super grover as development metaphor”

  1. Awesome! For the record, I have found that there are times when running around in circles and screaming at the top of your lungs can be a very effective way of dealing with problems.

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