give me some of your tots

Sierra Leone is my new favorite country. Some months ago I posted about the used clothing market in Africa and showed this picture taken at Freetown’s ferry port.

Friday, sitting in a car in Freetown (as the driver searched for a lost hubcap), a young man passed with a shirt that said

Give me some of your tots

with a picture of tater tots. For those not in the know, both the picture above and the line above come from the film Napolean Dynamite. Sierra Leoneans have the best taste ever.

I very unfortunately did not have my camera this time.

1 thought on “give me some of your tots”

  1. While traveling in Uganda this summer, I was in a village in the suburbs of Kampala where (alas, without my camera as well!), I saw a young man with a t-shirt that read, “Don’t Attack Iraq.”

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