a little krio to take the edge off

I’m back in Sierra Leone (Salone, as it is oft called locally), and this evening I was unable to communicate with my taxi driver over the phone (telling him where to come and pick me up).  So he picked me up late and I was very annoyed.

So, to the take the edge (read, my edge) off, I asked him to teach me some Krio on the ride back to my hotel.   There is nothing like learning a new language to humble you, especially Krio, which is a blend of English and local languages.  So my first query

Q: How do you say “8 o’clock” in Krio?

A: 8 o’clock

Nice.  But it’s not all identical, although that would disappoint Mallory’s boyfriend Nick.  Here are a few lines I “learned” (read, wrote down in my little book and read back).

Mi na mi neim [my name].  – My name is [my name].

Mi a di go tumara. – I’m going tomorrow.

Yu na Krio cheecha. – You are a Krio teacher.

Da ooman na mi ooman.  -That’s my wife.

Yu tok na reit ting.  -You speak the truth.

Dis neim bi fein.  -Nice name.

By the time we got home, we’d both laughed a lot.  Good night.

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