Lost Friends, by Lenrie Peters

They are imprisoned
In dark suits and air-conditioned offices
Alsatians ready at the door
On the saliva carpeted floor

They spend their nights
In jet airlines –
Would change them in mid-air
To show how much they dare

Drunk from the vertigo
Of never catching their tails
They never seem to know
When not to bite their nails

Their new addiction
Fortifies their livers
They are getting there
While the going’s good
They have no time for dreamers.

Lenrie Peters is a Gambian surgeon and poet, born in 1932. Here is a bio. Here are a photo and more of his poems.

[from Poems of Black Africa, edited by Wole Soyinka.]


7 thoughts on “Lost Friends, by Lenrie Peters”

  1. I may like to get the full summary of the poem and its figurative expressions
    as used in the poem with the atmosphere,tone,mood,theme and its suggested title

  2. I would like to get the full summary, figurative expression, atmosphere, mood Tone, theme and subject matter of the poem “lost friend”

  3. Would like to get the full summary of the poem and its figurative expressions, atmosphere, theme, mood, tone of lenrie peters poem “lost friends”

  4. For me the lost friends are his former peers who later became politicians or infact elected leaders to be precised, and could not get in touch with him any longer, so he counted them as good as lost ones.

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