free copy of African Psycho for Africa Reading Challenge readers

I received this sweet offer in my in-box:

I just wanted to offer folks participating in the challenge a gratis copy of African Psycho, by Alain Mabanckou. I attach some of the reviews…Any blogger participating the challenge can email me for a gratis copy and they do not need to promise to review it, either!

Just email Richard at Richard AT softskull DOT com.

I took a look at some of the reviews and the book looks well-written, intriguing, and – well – not for everybody.  Here is the Amazon page.  I’m pasting a couple of quotes from professional reviews beneath the fold.

from The Complete Review, which has links to these reviews:

“A beast and an idiot, he is also a satiric visionary: amid all his crazed outpourings, he is able to lampoon the pomposity of local lawyers, professors, media personalities and government officials. While Mabanckou has clearly read Jean Genet’s The Thief’s Journal, and his prose owes a debt to Michel Houellebecq, this is a distinctive contribution to the slum-fiction genre. ” – Sukhdev Sandhu, New Statesman

“(D)isturbing — and disturbingly funny (…..) Although the title invokes American Psycho, the book owes more to Dostoyevsky and Camus ” – The New Yorker

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