two stories that really made me laugh

  1. Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point and Blink) tells stories from his first days as a reporter: laugh out loud funny.  It’s on the free podcast of This American Life, Episode 348 (“Tough Room”); it’s the fourth story in the podcast and starts 45 minutes and 25 seconds in if you want to skip right to it.
  2. Elna Baker, a New York comedian, tells the story of trying to cut a divine deal to find her soul mate, and how she got rejected.  Again, immensely funny.

3 thoughts on “two stories that really made me laugh”

  1. Well I see that we subscribe to the same podcasts. (I’m assuming you discovered Elna Baker after she did the bit on TAL about baby nubbins a couple weeks ago. I was a little bummed her book’s not coming out for another year.) Hilarious, I agree.

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