in freetown, it’s thanksgiving every day [photos]

Okay, every Sunday. From January through May.

Every Sunday afternoon from January through May, some school or another holds a thanksgiving parade, thanking God for the blessings of the previous year. This transcends religious affiliation: my Muslim driver’s son’s school had its celebration last week, and I attended the parade of a Methodist school.

The Methodist school not only had its own band playing, its own children marching, its own alumni marching, but it also hired a host of other marching bands from other schools. The results was thousands of happy young people celebrating their education. It was marvelous!

My friend RK, who took me, is closely involved with the school’s music program, so he knew everyone at the parade. Marching bands would stop and play for him specifically. We watched the parade past, then drove somewhere else to watch it again, and then drove to his house to watch the end from a second-story balcony. AWESOME! Here are some photos. [Sadly, I loaded the photos in reverse order; I think it doesn’t matter so much in this case.]

3 thoughts on “in freetown, it’s thanksgiving every day [photos]”

  1. I enjoy your posts very much and the pictures are fabulous. I read A Long Way Gone a few months ago and it is good to see young people in school in Sierra Leone.

  2. Thank you. It really is wonderful to see these kids in school. Watching these thousands of kids marching around filled me with joy. Of course, my friend RK also works in education in the SL government and quoted me some statistics of how far they yet have to go. But it’s a world away from when Ishmael left…

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