Expanding Horizons Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in one more reading challenge over the coming months, the Expanding Horizons Challenge, hosted by Book Nut.  By the end of April, you either read six books from six different cultures or four books from one culture which is not your own. (Here are the details.)

I’m enjoying El hombre, la hembra, y el hambre (Man, woman, and hunger), by Cuban writer Daína Chaviano (who can resist a writer who looks this intense).  It’s part of a series called The Occult Side of Havana, so I’ll try and read the other three books in the series, plus one book in English (Julia Alvarez writes in English even though she started her life in the Dominican Republic).

So here’s my list:

  1. Casa de juegos (House of Games), por Daina Chaviano
  2. Gata encerrada (Cat in a Cage)
  3. La isla de los amores infinitos (The Island of Eternal Love)
  4. Before we were free, by Julia Alvarez

I’m excited to read several books by the same author in Spanish.  And Julia, well, she had me at In the time of the butterflies.

4 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons Challenge”

  1. Dave — just letting you know that you won my little beginning prize. Send me an email at mmfraf at sbcglobal dot net with your address and I’ll put it in the mail for you,

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