the complete lack of cinemas in Freetown

I love going to the movies.  Anywhere.  I saw Elektra in Manila (bad movie), Miss Congeniality in El Doret (good movie), Never Been Kissed in Kampala (bad movie), Dear Frankie in Cape Town (I fell asleep), Charley’s Angels 2 in Seoul (it seemed really good at the time), Spider-Man 3 in Beijing (mediocre movie)…

People have been able to name at least three cinemas for me here in Freetown: the Odeon, the Globe, and the Strand.  Closed, closed, and almost closed.  The Strand – according to my cab driver – has replaced its big screen with a simple tv screen and just shows football (soccer) matches.

Sierra Leone recently came out of a long civil war.  Now I understand what it means to win the war and lose the peace.