The Band’s Visit: a funny, sweet film that you probably haven’t seen (but will enjoy)

An Egyptian police band flies to Israel to play a concert but takes the wrong bus and ends up stranded in a tiny Israeli hamlet.  They get to know a number of the locals, and the interactions run the gamut: painfully (hilariously) awkward, funny, sad. 


The interactions between locals are as likely to be awkward (and funny) as those between locals and the visitors, just in more familiar ways.  Maybe the film is about how emotions can cross cultures (even cultures known to have animosity), but I just found it funny and sweet and (sometimes) sad.  But it is very well done, and I recommend it.  (My wife and I both gave it an 8/10, which is strong praise.)


The film is in English, Hebrew, and (presumably) Egyptian Arabic.  We picked it up at our local Blockbuster.


The film is PG-13.  I remember one swear word and one split-second glimpse of a couple of arms and legs (which could be interpreted as sensuality).


Below is a glimpse of the funniest scene in the film, in which the band’s lothario coaches an Israeli on hitting it off with his date.

1 thought on “The Band’s Visit: a funny, sweet film that you probably haven’t seen (but will enjoy)”

  1. We saw it too in DC at the Film Fest, on a big screen. It was very well acted, and the soundtrack was excellent..

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