if you go to see Iron Man…

…make sure you wait until the end of the credits!  Totally worth it. (It involves an eye patch.)

My wife, my father, and I went on opening night in a tiny theater in a little Virginia town, and the projectionist shut off the film just after the credits began to get the next movie set up. My wife and father charged back to the doorway leading up to the projection room and demanded either a refund or the chance to see the end; after much haranguing (much) the projectionist actually put the reel back on.

Again, totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “if you go to see Iron Man…”

  1. yeh, I was pretty sure this sort of thing would be there. standard for Marvel movies, along with the Stan Lee cameo, which I thought was brilliant in this one. However, I was never a big Avengers fan in my days of comic geekdom. Were you a comic geek and/or Avengers fan?

  2. Wait, I missed the Stan Lee cameo. What was it?

    No, I was not a big comics fan, but at one point during grad school I read half of an Iron Man collection.

  3. Stan Lee was the Hugh Hefner guy at the red-carpet event as Stark was on his way in.

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